Hanna Norland ✿

Currently a Junior Digital Designer at Urban Outfitters.

Previously at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, studying Communication Design. Also minored in Advertising at Marquette University.

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Urban Outfitters:
Body Shop

How does your space represent you? Through positive affirmations and good fortunes, the Body Shop represents your divine energy, healing, and self-care.

Design 2021

Golden Ratio

Women-led print publication focused on celebrating female voices from unique creative industries.

Through conversations with creatives, small business owners, activists, fashion industry reps, and more, our content lies at the intersection of activism, creative expression and sustainability.

Publication, Web Design 2020


✴︎ Displayed in Best of MIAD’s Thesis Show ✴︎ 

Cara is an app that connects you to your loved ones Care Circle, allowing you to stay in the know about their wellbeing.

Developed for my senior capstone thesis project.

Patent pending as of April 27th, 2021

Branding, UX/UI 2021

Lizbeth Hernandez

@imlvh is a content creator from Whitter, California. Over the last several months, I have helped strategize her content creation, branding, and web presence.

Branding, Strategy, Web Design 2020

Body & Brain

is a cookbook inspired by having a strong, diverse gut microbiome. Your gut is your second brain, so we should nurture both to keep them in harmony.

more coming soon!

Publication 2021

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