Hanna Norland

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Currently: Global Graphic Design at Bumble, Inc.

Previously: Digital Design at Urban Outfitters

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Bumble x Barbie 

In celebration of Barbie’s big screen debut, Warner Bros. and Bumble joined forces to create buzz surrounding the movie.

From July 12 to 26, Barbies and Kens from “Barbie The Movie” popped up in your swipe queue to match with you. If you swiped right, you’d get to read their tips on why kindness is cool, with a few of their favorite Bumble Compliments examples for inspiration.

Partnership, Creative Design 2023

Urban Outfitters:
Email Design

Various selected e-mail marketing campaign designs for UO.
(June-Sept 2022)

Marketing 2022

Urban Outfitters:
UO Home

Spring 2022 Bedding Shop and other email and site assets for UO Home. 

Branding 2022

Urban Outfitters:
UO Beauty - Body Shop

How does your space represent you? Through positive affirmations and good fortunes, the Body Shop represents your divine energy, healing, and self-care.

Design 2021

Golden Ratio

Women-led print publication focused on celebrating female voices from unique creative industries.

Through conversations with creatives, small business owners, activists, fashion industry reps, and more, our content lies at the intersection of activism, creative expression and sustainability.

Publication, Web Design 2020

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