Hanna Norland

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Currently: Global Graphic Design at Bumble, Inc.

Previously: Digital Design at Urban Outfitters

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Bumble x Barbie

 From July 12 to 26, Barbies and Kens from “Barbie The Movie” popped up in your swipe queue to match with you. If you swiped right, you’d get to read their tips on why kindness is cool, with a few of their favorite Bumble Compliments examples for inspiration.

Key Wins:

⭐️ Over 3.5M unique users engaged with the campaign

⭐️  1.44B+ global press impressions and above benchmarks in-app performance

⭐️ The campaign delivered over 96M impressions across push, chat, email, promo card(s), and online push.

⭐️Localized across 10+ different markets

Partnership, Creative Design 2023

Design: Hanna Norland + Eliane Foucher
Creative Direction: Luke Crisell + Georgia Weisz 
Photos provided by: Warner Brothers
Copy: Salwa Rogers

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