Hanna Norland

Currently a Junior Digital Designer at Urban Outfitters.

Previously at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, studying Communication Design. Also minored in Advertising at Marquette University.

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Lizbeth Hernandez

@imlvh is a content creator from Whitter, California. Over the last several months, I helped strategize her content creation, redesigned her website, and built her personal brand. 

Branding, Strategy, Web Design 2020

Lobe Ya Campaign
& Merch

I started out by creating her “lobe” campaign. It’s all about how Liz says love: an intense feeling, excitement, and pleasure for something or someone. It’s about loving every part of your journey: embracing the highs and lows. 

Social Event Design

We then decided to refocus her brand and mission. We displayed her message by building a brand book with her new style, message, and tone. We used this to work with a developer on her website

The Virtual Experience 

Along with the website I helped build, I created the launch strategy and social stories to help drive traffic to the website. 

The Story

The Instagram reel video was made to showcase the embodiment of IMLVH. 

You can also view the reel here.

The IMLVH Virtual Experience

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