Hanna Norland

Currently: Graphic Design at Bumble, Inc.

Previously: Digital Design at Urban Outfitters

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Cara: Your peace of mind.

“How have you been today, mom? Did you get outside at all?”

We know you can’t squeeze all your questions into a five-minute phone call. That’s why we started Cara: an app that connects you to your loved ones Care Circle, allowing you to stay in the know about their well-being.

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Cara: The system walkthrough ︎︎︎

Patent-pending on the Cara system as of April 27th, 2021.

How can we check-in
on our loved ones
without physically
being there?

Without being in constant contact, how can we make sure our loved ones are alive and well? And how can we do it while respecting their privacy and still providing them with great quality care?

My passion for research specifically sparked my interest to start Cara, especially with COVID-19 and how it has emphasized some of the negatives associated with facilitated care.  

Apple iPhone Prototype

The Cara app is the primary way people can connect with their Care Circle.

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Works best when experienced on web. 

Apple iWatch Prototype

Our Apple Watch app allows you to make sure your loved ones are up and moving, as well as allowing them to reach out for help, keep up on tasks, and connect with their Care Circle.

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Works best when experienced on web.

The Story Behind Cara. 

Find out what was the inspiration behind the system was and how Cara was started.  

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